Breakout Track 5: Meet the Author: Jonathan Spyer

Jonathan Spyer’s “Days of the Fall” delves into the heart of the ongoing wars in Syria and Iraq. Over five years, Spyer spent time in Aleppo, Baghdad, Damascus, Mosul, Idlib, Hasaka and other frontline areas. He witnessed some of the most dramatic events of these conflicts – the rescue of the trapped Yezidis from the attempted ISIS genocide in 2014, the Assad regime’s assault on Aleppo, the rise of independent Kurdish power in northeast Syria, and the emergence of the Shia militias in Iraq as a key force. The book contains interviews with key figures from all sides of the conflict, such as the Shia militias in Iraq, and even ISIS members, Days of the Fall serves as an invaluable and comprehensive guide to the complex dynamics and the tragic human impact of the wars.

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